Exporting in Amazon Lex Format - Amazon Lex V1

If you are using Amazon Lex V2, refer to the Amazon Lex V2 guide instead.


If you are using Amazon Lex V1, we recommend upgrading your bots to Amazon Lex V2. We are no longer adding new features to V1 and strongly recommend using V2 for all new bots.

Exporting in Amazon Lex Format

Export your Amazon Lex bots, intents, and slot types to a format that you can import to an AWS account. You can export the following resources:

  • A bot, including all of the intents and custom slot types used by the bot

  • An intent, including all of the custom slot types used by the intent

  • A custom slot type, including all of values for the slot type

You can export only a numbered version of a resource. You can't export a resource's $LATEST version.

Exporting is an asynchronous process. When the export is complete, you get an Amazon S3 presigned URL. The URL provides the location of a .zip archive that contains the exported resource in JSON format.

You use either the console or the GetExport operation to export bots, intents, and custom slot types.

The process for exporting, a bot, an intent, or a slot type is the same. In the following procedures, substitute intent or slot type for bot.

Exporting a Bot

To export a bot
  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console, and open the Amazon Lex console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/lex/.

  2. Choose Bots, then choose the bot to export.

  3. On the Actions menu, choose Export.

  4. In the Export Bot dialog, choose the version of the bot to export. For Platform, choose Amazon Lex.

  5. Choose Export.

  6. Download and save the .zip archive.

Amazon Lex exports the bot to a JSON file that is contained in the .zip archive. To update the bot, modify the JSON text, then import it back into Amazon Lex.

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