Step 3: Publish the Bot (AWS CLI) - Amazon Lex

Step 3: Publish the Bot (AWS CLI)

After you have published all of the slot types and intents that are used by your bot, you can publish the bot.

Update the OrderFlowersBot bot to use the OrderFlowers intent that you updated in the previous step. Then, publish a new version of the OrderFlowersBot bot.


The following AWS CLI example is formatted for Unix, Linux, and macOS. For Windows, change "\$LATEST" to $LATEST and replace the backslash (\) continuation character at the end of each line with a caret (^).

To publish a version of a bot (AWS CLI)

  1. In the AWS CLI, get the $LATEST version of the OrderFlowersBot bot and save it to a file:

    aws lex-models get-bot \ --region region \ --name OrderFlowersBot \ --version-or-alias "\$LATEST" > OrderFlowersBot_V4.json
  2. In a text editor, open the OrderFlowersBot_V4.json file. Delete the createdDate, lastUpdatedDate, status and version fields. Find the OrderFlowers intent and change the version to the version number that you recorded in the previous step. The following fragment of OrderFlowersBot_V4.json shows the location of the change.

        "intents": [
                "intentVersion": "version", 
                "intentName": "OrderFlowers"
  3. In the AWS CLI, save the new revision of the bot. Make note of the version number returned by the call to put-bot.

    aws lex-models put-bot \ --name OrderFlowersBot \ --cli-input-json file://OrderFlowersBot_V4.json
  4. Get the checksum of the latest revision of the bot. Use the version number returned in step 3.

    aws lex-models get-bot \ --region region \ --version-or-alias version \ --name OrderFlowersBot > OrderFlowersBot_V4a.json

    The following fragment of the response shows the checksum of the bot. Record this for the next step.

        "name": "OrderFlowersBot", 
        "locale": "en-US", 
        "checksum": "checksum", 
  5. Publish a new version of the bot:

    aws lex-models create-bot-version \ --region region \ --name OrderFlowersBot \ --checksum "checksum"

    The following fragment of the response shows the new version of the bot.

        "checksum": "checksum", 
        "abortStatement": {
        "version": "1",
        "lastUpdatedDate": timestamp, 

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