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Configure the Intent

Configure the OrderPizza intent to fulfill a user's request to order a pizza.

To configure an intent

  • On the OrderPizza configuration page, configure the intent as follows:

    • Sample utterances – Type the following strings. The curly braces {} enclose slot names.

      • I want to order pizza please

      • I want to order a pizza

      • I want to order a {pizzaKind} pizza

      • I want to order a {size} {pizzaKind} pizza

      • I want a {size} {crust} crust {pizzaKind} pizza

      • Can I get a pizza please

      • Can I get a {pizzaKind} pizza

      • Can I get a {size} {pizzaKind} pizza

    • Lambda initialization and validation – Leave the default setting.

    • Confirmation prompt – Leave the default setting.

    • Fulfillment – Perform the following tasks:

      • Choose AWS Lambda function.

      • Choose PizzaOrderProcessor.

      • If the Add permission to Lambda function dialog box is shown, choose OK to give the OrderPizza intent permission to call the PizzaOrderProcessor Lambda function.

      • Leave None selected.

    The intent should look like the following:

                            The intent editor.

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