Create the Bot - Amazon Lex

Create the Bot

Create the PizzaOrderingBot bot with the minimum information needed. You add an intent, an action that the user wants to perform, for the bot later.

To create the bot

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon Lex console at

  2. Create a bot.

    1. If you are creating your first bot, choose Get Started. Otherwise, choose Bots, and then choose Create.

    2. On the Create your Lex bot page, choose Custom bot and provide the following information:

      • Bot name: PizzaOrderingBot

      • Language: Choose the language and locale for your bot.

      • Output voice: Salli

      • Session timeout : 5 minutes.

      • COPPA: Choose the appropriate response.

      • User utterance storage: Choose the appropriate response.

    3. Choose Create.

      The console sends Amazon Lex a request to create a new bot. Amazon Lex sets the bot version to $LATEST. After creating the bot, Amazon Lex shows the bot Editor tab:

                                    The console showing the bot Editor
                                    The Editor tab provides information
                                        about the bot version, the intents and slot types, and
                                        buttons for building and publishing the bot. For now, note
                                        the following:
      • The bot version, Latest, appears next to the bot name in the console. New Amazon Lex resources have $LATEST as the version. For more information, see Versioning and Aliases.

      • Because you haven't created any intents or slots types, none are listed.

      • Build and Publish are bot-level activities. After you configure the entire bot, you'll learn more about these activities.

Next Step

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