Languages Supported in Amazon Lex - Amazon Lex

We recommend using Amazon Lex V2 to take advantage of the latest features. Documentation for Amazon Lex V2 may be found here.

Languages Supported in Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex supports a variety of languages and locales. The languages supported and the features that support them are listed in the following tables.

Supported Languages and Locales

Amazon Lex supports the following languages and locales.

Code Language and locale
de-DE German (German)
en-AU English (Australia)
en-GB English (UK)
en-IN English (India)
en-US English (US)
es-419 Spanish (Latin America)
es-ES Spanish (Spain)
es-US Spanish (US)
fr-CA French (Canada)
fr-FR French (France)
it-IT Italian (Italy)
ja-JP Japanese (Japan)
ko-KR Korean (Korea)

Languages and Locales Supported by Amazon Lex Features

All Amazon Lex features are supported in all languages and locales except as listed in this table.

Feature Supported languages and locales
Setting Intent Context English (US) (en-US)