Amazon Lex and AWS Lambda Blueprints - Amazon Lex

We recommend using Amazon Lex V2 to take advantage of the latest features. Documentation for Amazon Lex V2 may be found here.

Amazon Lex and AWS Lambda Blueprints

The Amazon Lex console provides example bots (called bot blueprints) that are preconfigured so you can quickly create and test a bot in the console. For each of these bot blueprints, Lambda function blueprints are also provided. These blueprints provide sample code that works with their corresponding bots. You can use these blueprints to quickly create a bot that is configured with a Lambda function as a code hook, and test the end-to-end setup without having to write code.

You can use the following Amazon Lex bot blueprints and the corresponding AWS Lambda function blueprints as code hooks for bots:

  • Amazon Lex blueprint — OrderFlowers

    • AWS Lambda blueprint — lex-order-flowers-python

  • Amazon Lex blueprint — ScheduleAppointment

    • AWS Lambda blueprint — lex-make-appointment-python

  • Amazon Lex blueprint — BookTrip

    • AWS Lambda blueprint — lex-book-trip-python

To create a bot using a blueprint and configure it to use a Lambda function as a code hook, see Exercise 1: Create an Amazon Lex Bot Using a Blueprint (Console). For an example of using other blueprints, see Additional Examples: Creating Amazon Lex Bots.

Updating a Blueprint for a Specific Locale

If you are using a blueprint in a locale other than English (US) (en-US), you need to update the name of any intents to include the locale. For example, if you are using the OrderFlowers blueprint, you need to do the following.

  • Find the dispatch function near the end of the Lambda function code.

  • In the dispatch function, update the name of the intent to include the locale that you are using. For example, if you are using the English (Australian) (en-AU) locale, change the line:

    if intent_name == 'OrderFlowers':


    if intent_name == 'OrderFlowers_enAU':

Other blueprints use other intent names, they should be updated as above before you use them.