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Developer Guide

Step 3: Create a Slack Application

In this section, you do the following:

  1. Create a Slack application on the Slack API Console

  2. Configure the application to add the following features to your bot:

    • A bot user

    • Interactive messaging

At the end of this section, you get application credentials (Client Id, Client Secret, and Verification Token). In the next section, you use this information to configure bot channel association in the Amazon Lex console.

  1. Sign in to the Slack API Console at .

  2. Create an application.

    After you have successfully created the application, Slack displays the Basic Information page for the application.

  3. Configure the application features as follows:

    1. In the left menu, choose Bot Users and then choose Add a bot user.

      • Provide a display name and a default user name.

      • For Always Show My Bot as Online, choose On.

      • To save the changes, choose Add Bot User.

    2. In the left menu, choose Interactive Components.

      • Choose the toggle to run interactive components on.

      • In the Request URL box, specify any valid URL. For example, you can use


        For now, enter any valid URL to get the verification token that you need in the next step. You will update this URL after you add the bot channel association in the Amazon Lex console.

      • Choose Save Changes.

  4. In the left menu, in Settings, choose Basic Information. Record the following application credentials:

    • Client ID

    • Client Secret

    • Verification Token

Next Step

Step 4: Integrate the Slack Application with the Amazon Lex Bot