Step 6: Test the Integration - Amazon Lex

Step 6: Test the Integration

Now use a browser window to test the integration of Slack with your Amazon Lex bot.

  1. Choose Manage Distribution under Settings. Choose Add to Slack to install the application. Authorize the bot to respond to messages.

  2. You are redirected to your Slack team. In the left menu, in the Direct Messages section, choose your bot. If you don't see your bot, choose the plus icon (+) next to Direct Messages to search for it.

  3. Engage in a chat with your Slack application, which is linked to the Amazon Lex bot. Your bot now responds to messages.

    If you created the bot using Getting Started Exercise 1, you can use the example conversations provided in that exercise. For more information, see Step 4: Add the Lambda Function as Code Hook (Console).