FulfillmentUpdatesSpecification - Amazon Lex API Reference


Provides information for updating the user on the progress of fulfilling an intent.



Determines whether fulfillment updates are sent to the user. When this field is true, updates are sent.

If the active field is set to true, the startResponse, updateResponse, and timeoutInSeconds fields are required.

Type: Boolean

Required: Yes


Provides configuration information for the message sent to users when the fulfillment Lambda functions starts running.

Type: FulfillmentStartResponseSpecification object

Required: No


The length of time that the fulfillment Lambda function should run before it times out.

Type: Integer

Valid Range: Minimum value of 1. Maximum value of 900.

Required: No


Provides configuration information for messages sent periodically to the user while the fulfillment Lambda function is running.

Type: FulfillmentUpdateResponseSpecification object

Required: No

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