SlotValueElicitationSetting - Amazon Lex API Reference


Specifies the elicitation setting details for constituent sub slots of a composite slot.



A list of default values for a slot. Default values are used when Amazon Lex hasn't determined a value for a slot. You can specify default values from context variables, session attributes, and defined values.

Type: SlotDefaultValueSpecification object

Required: No


The prompt that Amazon Lex uses to elicit the slot value from the user.

Type: PromptSpecification object

Required: No


If you know a specific pattern that users might respond to an Amazon Lex request for a slot value, you can provide those utterances to improve accuracy. This is optional. In most cases, Amazon Lex is capable of understanding user utterances.

Type: Array of SampleUtterance objects

Required: No


Specifies the settings that Amazon Lex uses when a slot value is successfully entered by a user.

Type: SlotCaptureSetting object

Required: No


Specifies whether the slot is required or optional.

Type: String

Valid Values: Required | Optional

Required: Yes


Specifies the prompts that Amazon Lex uses while a bot is waiting for customer input.

Type: WaitAndContinueSpecification object

Required: No

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