DialogAction - Amazon Lex API Reference


The next action that Amazon Lex V2 should take.



Configures the slot to use spell-by-letter or spell-by-word style. When you use a style on a slot, users can spell out their input to make it clear to your bot.

  • Spell by letter - "b" "o" "b"

  • Spell by word - "b as in boy" "o as in oscar" "b as in boy"

For more information, see Using spelling to enter slot values .

Type: String

Valid Values: Default | SpellByLetter | SpellByWord

Required: No


The name of the slot that should be elicited from the user.

Type: String

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 1.

Required: No


The name of the constituent sub slot of the composite slot specified in slotToElicit that should be elicited from the user.

Type: ElicitSubSlot object

Required: No


The next action that the bot should take in its interaction with the user. The possible values are:

  • Close - Indicates that there will not be a response from the user. For example, the statement "Your order has been placed" does not require a response.

  • ConfirmIntent - The next action is asking the user if the intent is complete and ready to be fulfilled. This is a yes/no question such as "Place the order?"

  • Delegate - The next action is determined by Amazon Lex V2.

  • ElicitIntent - The next action is to elicit an intent from the user.

  • ElicitSlot - The next action is to elicit a slot value from the user.

Type: String

Valid Values: Close | ConfirmIntent | Delegate | ElicitIntent | ElicitSlot | None

Required: Yes

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