AMAZON.UKPostalCode - Amazon Lex


Converts words that represent a UK postal code to a standard format for postal codes in the United Kingdom. The AMAZON.UKPostalCode slot type validates and resolves the post code to a set of standardized formats, but it doesn't check to make sure that the post code is valid. Your application must validate the post code.

The AMAZON.UKPostalCode slot type is available only in the English (UK) (en-GB) locale.

The AMAZON.UKPostalCode slot type supports inputs using spelling styles. You can use the spell-by-letter and spell-by-word styles to help your customers enter letters. For more information, see Capturing slot values with spelling styles.

The slot type recognizes only the valid post code formats listed below, used in the United Kingdom. The valid formats are ("A" representis a letter, and "9" represents a digit):

  • AA9A 9AA

  • A9A 9AA

  • A9 9AA

  • A99 9AA

  • AA9 9AA

  • AA99 9AA

For text input, the user can enter any mix of upper and lower case letters. The user can use or omit the space in the post code. The resolved value will always include the space in the proper location for the post code.

For spoken input, the user can speak the individual characters, or they can use double letter pronunciations, such as "double A" or "double 9". They can also use double-digit pronunciations, such as "ninety-nine" for "99".


Not all UK postal codes are recognized. Only the formats listed above are supported.