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Amazon Chime SDK

Use the Amazon Chime SDK to add real-time audio, video, screen sharing, and messaging capabilities to your web or mobile applications. The Amazon Chime SDK provides public switched telephone network (PSTN) audio service so that you can build custom telephony applications with an AWS Lambda function.

Amazon Chime PSTN audio is integrated with Amazon Lex V2. You can use this integration to access Amazon Lex V2 bots as interactive voice response (IVR) systems in contact centers for audio interactions. Use this to integrate Amazon Lex V2 using PSTN audio services in the following scenarios.

Contact center integrations—You can use the Amazon Chime Voice Connector and Amazon Chime SDK PSTN audio service to access Amazon Lex V2 bots. Use them in any contact center application that uses the session initiation protocol (SIP) for voice communications. This integration adds natural language voice conversation experiences to your existing on-premises or cloud-based contact center with SIP support. For a list of supported contact center platforms, see Amazon Chime voice connector resources.

The following diagram shows the integration between a contact center using SIP and Amazon Lex V2.

The information flow between a contact center and Amazon Lex V2 using the Amazon Chime SDK.

Direct telephony support—You can build customized IVR solutions to directly access Amazon Lex V2 bots using a phone number provisioned in the Amazon Chime SDK.

For more information, see the following topics in the Amazon Chime SDK guide.

When the Amazon Chime SDK sends a request to Amazon Lex V2, it includes platform-specific information to your Lambda function and conversation logs. Use this information to determine the contact center application that is sending traffic to your bot.

Common request attribute Value
x-amz-lex:channels:platform Amazon Chime SDK PSTN Audio