Input transcript format - Amazon Lex

Input transcript format

The following is the input file format for generating intents and slot types for your bot. The input file must contain these fields. Other fields are ignored.

The input format is compatible with the output format from Contact Lens for Amazon Connect. If you are using Contact Lens, you don't need to modify your transcript files. For more information, see Example Contact Lens output files . If you are using another contact center application, you must transform your transcript file to this format.

{ "Participants": [ { "ParticipantId": "string", "ParticipantRole": "AGENT | CUSTOMER" } ], "Version": "1.1.0", "ContentMetadata": { "RedactionTypes": [ "PII" ], "Output": "Raw | Redacted" }, "CustomerMetadata": { "ContactId": "string" }, "Transcript": [ { "ParticipantId": "string", "Id": "string", "Content": "string" } ] }

The following fields must be present in the input file:

  • Participants   Identifies the participants in the conversation and the role that they play.

  • Version   The version of the input file format. Always "1.1.0".

  • ContentMetadata   Indicates whether you removed sensitive information from the transcript. Set the Output field to "Raw" if the transcript contains sensitive information.

  • CustomerMetadata   A unique identifier for the conversation.

  • Transcript   The text of the conversation between parties in the conversation. Each turn of the conversation is identified with a unique identifier.