Global Resiliency - Amazon Lex

Global Resiliency


This feature is available only for Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex V2 instances created in the US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon) Regions.

To obtain access to this feature, contact your Amazon Connect Solutions Architect or Technical Account Manager.

Global Resiliency lets you replicate a bot in a secondary region. The secondary region can be made active with the automatic replication of the user’s bot in both regions. You will have a backup region in case of a regional outage. Once Global Resiliency is active, new bots created are replicated in a second AWS region.

After activating this feature, you can automate the replication of Amazon Lex V2 bots and their resources, versions, and aliases across a paired AWS region in near real-time. With this feature, you can monitor the version number of the original and replica bot to ensure that the bot replica remains in sync with the original bot. When you enable replication, you can activate the pre-determined AWS region you want the bot to be replicated in (regions are based on pre-determined pairs). Any updates to the source bot in the source region is automatically updated to the replicated bot in the second region.


When Global Resiliency is activated, only bots, versions, and aliases created after the activation of the feature will be replicated in the replicated region. Bots, versions and aliases created previously will not be present in the replicated region. The second region identified is read-only and in pre-determined pairs. Bot updates are restricted to the region where the bot is initially created.

Additional information about using Global Resiliency:

  • Global Resiliency currently only works with pre-determined pairs of regions.

    us-east-1 us-west-2
    eu-west-2 eu-central-1
  • You can create a replica of any Amazon Lex V2 bot. You must create a new version and a new alias for the bot after Global Resiliency is enabled.

  • Aliases enabled in Global Resiliency can only be associated to Global Resiliency-enabled versions.


  • Global Resiliency does not replicate bots created with slots that use LLM such as CFAQ and Utterance Generation.

  • Global Resiliency does not replicate a Network of Bots, but any bot that is part of the Network of Bots can still be individually replicated.