Creating versions - Amazon Lex

Creating versions

Amazon Lex V2 supports publishing versions of bots so that you can control the implementation that your client applications use. A version is a numbered snapshot of your work that you can publish for use in different parts of your workflow, such as development, beta deployment, and production.

The Draft version

When you create an Amazon Lex V2 bot there is only one version, the Draft version.

Draft is the working copy of your bot. You can update only the Draft version and until you publish your first version, Draft is the only version of the bot that you have.

The Draft version of your bot is associated with the TestBotAlias. The TestBotAlias should only be used for manual testing. Amazon Lex V2 limits the number of runtime requests that you can make to the TestBotAlias alias of the bot.

Creating a version

When you version an Amazon Lex V2 bot you create a numbered snapshot of the bot so that you can use the bot as it existed when the version was made. Once you've created a numeric version it will stay the same while you continue to work on the draft version of your application.

When you create a version, you can choose the locales to include in the version. You don't need to choose all of the locales in a bot. Also, when you create a version you can choose a locale from a previous version. For example, if you have three versions of a bot, you can choose one locale from the Draft version and one from version two when you create version four.

If you delete a locale from the Draft version, it is not deleted from a numbered version.

If a bot version is not used for six months, Amazon Lex V2 will mark the version inactive. When a version is inactive, you can't use runtime operations with the bot. To make the bot active, rebuild all the languages associated with the version.

Updating an Amazon Lex V2 bot

You can update only the Draft version of an Amazon Lex V2 bot. Versions can't be changed. You can publish a new version any time after you update a resource in the console or with the CreateBotVersion operation.

Deleting an Amazon Lex V2 bot or version

Amazon Lex V2 supports deleting a bot or version using the console or one of the API operations: