Options - AWS License Manager


The options you can specify when you create a new version of a grant, such as activation override behavior. For more information, see Granted licenses in License Manager in the AWS License Manager User Guide.



An activation option for your grant that determines the behavior of activating a grant. Activation options can only be used with granted licenses sourced from the AWS Marketplace. Additionally, the operation must specify the value of ACTIVE for the Status parameter.

  • As a license administrator, you can optionally specify an ActivationOverrideBehavior when activating a grant.

  • As a grantor, you can optionally specify an ActivationOverrideBehavior when you activate a grant for a grantee account in your organization.

  • As a grantee, if the grantor creating the distributed grant doesn’t specify an ActivationOverrideBehavior, you can optionally specify one when you are activating the grant.


Use this value to activate a grant without replacing any member account’s active grants for the same product.


Use this value to activate a grant and disable other active grants in any member accounts for the same product. This action will also replace their previously activated grants with this activated grant.

Type: String


Required: No

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