Document history for AWS License Manager - AWS License Manager

Document history for AWS License Manager

The following table describes the releases of AWS License Manager.

Feature Description Date
Sharing entitlements Share managed license entitlements with your entire organization with one request. July 16, 2021
License reports Track the history of your license type configurations with License Manager report generators. May 18, 2021
Automated discovery exclusion rules Exclude instances from License Manager automated discovery based on AWS account IDs and tags. March 5, 2021
Managed entitlements Track and distribute license entitlements for products purchased from AWS Marketplace and sellers who use License Manager to distribute licenses. December 3, 2020
Automated accounting for uninstalled software Configure automated discovery to stop tracking instances when software is uninstalled. December 3, 2020
Tag-based filtering Search your resource inventory using tags. December 3, 2020
AMI association scope Associate your license configurations and the AMIs shared with your AWS account. November 23, 2020
License affinity to host Enforce license assignment to dedicated hardware for a specific number of days. August 12, 2020
Track Oracle deployments on Amazon RDS Track license usage for Oracle database engine editions and licensing packs on Amazon RDS. March 23, 2020
Host resource groups Configure a host resource group to enable License Manager to manage your Dedicated Hosts. December 1, 2019
Automated software discovery Configure License Manager to search for newly installed operating systems or applications and attach the corresponding license configurations to the instances. December 1, 2019
Differentiate between license included and bring your own license Filter your search results based on whether you are using licenses provided by Amazon or your own licenses. November 8, 2019
Attach licenses to on-premises resources After you attach licenses to an on-premises instance, License Manager periodically collects software inventory, updates licensing information, and reports usage. March 8, 2019
AWS License Manager initial release Initial service launch November 28, 2018