Domain - Amazon Lightsail


Describes a domain where you are storing recordsets.



The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the domain recordset (arn:aws:lightsail:global:123456789101:Domain/824cede0-abc7-4f84-8dbc-12345EXAMPLE).

Type: String

Pattern: .*\S.*

Required: No


The date when the domain recordset was created.

Type: Timestamp

Required: No


An array of key-value pairs containing information about the domain entries.

Type: Array of DomainEntry objects

Required: No


The AWS Region and Availability Zones where the domain recordset was created.

Type: ResourceLocation object

Required: No


The name of the domain.

Type: String

Pattern: \w[\w\-]*\w

Required: No


An object that describes the state of the RouteĀ 53 domain delegation to a Lightsail DNS zone.

Type: RegisteredDomainDelegationInfo object

Required: No


The resource type.

Type: String

Valid Values: ContainerService | Instance | StaticIp | KeyPair | InstanceSnapshot | Domain | PeeredVpc | LoadBalancer | LoadBalancerTlsCertificate | Disk | DiskSnapshot | RelationalDatabase | RelationalDatabaseSnapshot | ExportSnapshotRecord | CloudFormationStackRecord | Alarm | ContactMethod | Distribution | Certificate | Bucket

Required: No


The support code. Include this code in your email to support when you have questions about an instance or another resource in Lightsail. This code enables our support team to look up your Lightsail information more easily.

Type: String

Required: No


The tag keys and optional values for the resource. For more information about tags in Lightsail, see the Amazon Lightsail Developer Guide.

Type: Array of Tag objects

Required: No

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