InputOrigin - Amazon Lightsail


Describes the origin resource of an Amazon Lightsail content delivery network (CDN) distribution.

An origin can be a Lightsail instance, bucket, or load balancer. A distribution pulls content from an origin, caches it, and serves it to viewers via a worldwide network of edge servers.



The name of the origin resource.

Type: String

Pattern: \w[\w\-]*\w

Required: No


The protocol that your Amazon Lightsail distribution uses when establishing a connection with your origin to pull content.

Type: String

Valid Values: http-only | https-only

Required: No


The AWS Region name of the origin resource.

Type: String

Valid Values: us-east-1 | us-east-2 | us-west-1 | us-west-2 | eu-west-1 | eu-west-2 | eu-west-3 | eu-central-1 | ca-central-1 | ap-south-1 | ap-southeast-1 | ap-southeast-2 | ap-northeast-1 | ap-northeast-2 | eu-north-1

Required: No

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