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Welcome to the Amazon Location Service Maps API Reference.

Amazon Location Maps lets you visualize location information and are the foundations of many location-based service capabilities. Amazon Location Service provides map tiles of different styles sourced from global location data providers such as:

For additional information , see Data providers in the Amazon Location Service Developer Guide.

To display Amazon Location Maps in your application, add one of the service's front-end mobile of web software development kits (SDKs) to your application. For additional information on how to use map resources, see the Using maps topic in the Amazon Location Service Developer Guide. It provides definitions, tutorials, code examples, and instructions about how to integrate Amazon Location features into web or mobile apps.


When using Amazon Location Maps, make sure to provide the appropriate data attribution and follow the terms of use for each data provider you've selected to use. For additional information, read more about Data Providers from the Amazon Location Service Developer guide.

By using Amazon Location Maps, you agree that AWS may transmit your API queries to your chosen third-party data provider for processing, which may be outside the AWS Region you are currently using. For more information, see the AWS Service Terms for Amazon Location Service.

This document was last published on January 21, 2022.