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Welcome to the Amazon Location Service Routes API Reference.

Amazon Location Service Routes enables you to calculate routes and estimate travel time based on up-to-date road network and live traffic information from your chosen data provider. Create a route calculator resource to use when calculating routes. Send calculate route requests that let you build features in your application to estimate travel time, distance, and directions. Send calculate route matrix requests that let you calculate the travel time and travel distance of many routes in a single request.

Amazon Location sources high-quality traffic and road network data from the following data providers to support queries to calculate routes using a route calculator resource:

For additional information , see Data providers in the Amazon Location Service Developer Guide.

For more information about how to use route calculator resources, see Calculating a route in the Amazon Location Service Developer Guide. It provides definitions, tutorials, code examples, and instructions about how to integrate Amazon Location features into your application.


By using Amazon Location Routes, you agree that AWS can transmit your API queries to your chosen third-party data provider for processing, which could be outside of your current AWS Region. For more information, see the AWS Service Terms for Amazon Location Service.

This document was last published on January 23, 2022.