DataSourceConfiguration - Amazon Location Service


Specifies the data storage option chosen for requesting Places.


When using Amazon Location Places:

  • If using HERE Technologies as a data provider, you can't store results for locations in Japan by setting IntendedUse to Storage. parameter.

  • Under the MobileAssetTracking or MobilAssetManagement pricing plan, you can't store results from your place index resources by setting IntendedUse to Storage. This returns a validation exception error.

For more information, see the AWS Service Terms for Amazon Location Service.



Specifies how the results of an operation will be stored by the caller.

Valid values include:

  • SingleUse specifies that the results won't be stored.

  • Storage specifies that the result can be cached or stored in a database.

Default value: SingleUse

Type: String

Valid Values: SingleUse | Storage

Required: No

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