Common use cases for using Amazon Location Service - Amazon Location Service

Common use cases for using Amazon Location Service

Amazon Location Service lets you build a range of applications, from asset tracking to location-based marketing. The following are common use cases:

User engagement and geomarketing

Use location data to build solutions that improve user engagement with marketing to target customers. For example, Amazon Location can trigger an event that prompts a notification when a customer who ordered a coffee on their mobile app is nearby. Additionally, you can build geomarketing features so that retailers can send discount codes or digital flyers to customers who are near target stores.

Asset tracking

Build asset tracking features to help businesses understand the current and historical locations of their products, personnel, and infrastructure. With asset tracking features, you can build a number of solutions that optimize remote staffing, secure shipment en-route, and maximize dispatch efficacy.


Integrate location features into delivery applications to store, track, and coordinate the departure location, delivery vehicles, and their destination. For example, a food delivery application with Amazon Location features built-in has location tracking and geofencing capabilities that can automatically notify a restaurant when a delivery driver is nearby. This reduces the wait times wait time and helps maintain the quality of the food delivered.

This topic provides you an overview of the architecture and steps for applications you can build with Amazon Location.