Amazon Location APIs - Amazon Location Service

Amazon Location APIs

Amazon Location Service provides API operations to programmatically access the location functionality. This includes APIs for Maps, Places, Routes, Trackers, Geofences, and tagging your resources. For information about the available API actions, see the Amazon Location Service API reference.

You can find samples in the Code examples chapter of this guide.

Using this service with an AWS SDK

AWS software development kits (SDKs) are available for many popular programming languages. Each SDK provides an API, code examples, and documentation that make it easier for developers to build applications in their preferred language.

Example availability

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SDK Versions

We recommend that you use the most recent build of the AWS SDK, and any other SDKs, that you use in your projects, and to keep the SDKs up to date. The AWS SDK provides you with the latest features and functionality, and also security updates. To find the latest build of the AWS SDK for JavaScript, for example, see the browser installation topic in the AWS SDK for JavaScript documentation.