Prerequisites - Amazon Location Service


Before you display a map in your application follow the prerequisite steps:

Create a map resource

To create a map resource

  1. In the Amazon Location console, on the Maps page, choose Create map to preview map styles.

  2. Add a name and description for the new map resource.

  3. Choose a map.


    If your application is tracking or routing assets that you use in your business, such as delivery vehicles or employees, you may only use HERE as your geolocation provider. For more information, see section 82 of the AWS service terms.

  4. Agree to the Amazon Location Terms and Conditions, then choose Create map. You can interact with the map that you've chosen: zoom in, zoom out, or pan in any direction.

  5. To allow your users to switch styles (for example, to allow them to switch between satellite imagery and vector style), you must create a map resource for each style.

    You can delete resources with map styles that you don’t want to use on the Maps home page in the console.

Authenticating your requests

Once you create a map resource and you're ready to begin building location features into your application, choose how you would authenticate your requests: