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Logging and Monitoring in Amazon Location Service

Logging and monitoring are an important part of incident response. It lets you establish a security baseline to detect deviations that you can investigate and respond to. By implementing logging and monitoring for Amazon Location Service, you're able to maintain the reliability, availability, and performance for your projects and resources.

AWS provides several tools that can help you log and collect data for incident response:

AWS CloudTrail

Amazon Location Service integrates with AWS CloudTrail, which is a service that provides a record of actions taken by a user, role or AWS service. This includes actions from the Amazon Location Service console, and programmatic calls to Amazon Location API operations. These records of action are called events. For more information, see Logging and monitoring Amazon Location Service with AWS CloudTrail.

Amazon CloudWatch

You can use Amazon CloudWatch to collect and analyze metrics related to your Amazon Location Service account. You can enable CloudWatch alarms to notify you if a metric meets certain conditions, and has reached a specified threshold. When you create an alarm, CloudWatch sends a notification to an Amazon Simple Notification Service that you define. For more information, see the Monitoring Amazon Location Service with Amazon CloudWatch.

AWS Health Dashboards

Using AWS Health Dashboards, you can verify the status of the Amazon Location Service service. You can also monitor and view historical data about any events or issues that might affect your AWS environment. For more information, see the AWS Health User Guide.