Using Tangram with Amazon Location Service - Amazon Location Service

Using Tangram with Amazon Location Service

This section provides the following tutorials on how to integrate Tangram with Amazon Location.


The Tangram styles in the following tutorials are only compatible with Amazon Location map resources configured with the VectorHereBerlin style.

The following is an example of an AWS CLI command to create a new map resource called TangramExampleMap using the VectorHEREBerlin style, and a request-based usage pricing plan:

aws --region us-east-1 \ location \ create-map \ --map-name "TangramExampleMap" \ --configuration "Style=VectorHereBerlin" \ --pricing-plan "RequestBasedUsage"

Billing is determined by your pricing plan and usage. You may incur fees for the use of other AWS services. For more information, see Amazon Location Service pricing.