Step 8: (Optional) Prepare example images - Amazon Lookout for Vision

Step 8: (Optional) Prepare example images

Amazon Lookout for Vision provides example images of circuit boards that AWS customers can use to learn how to create, test, and use a model.

You can copy the images from the GitHub repository. The images are in the circuitboard folder.

The circuitboard folder has the following folders.

  • train – Images you can use in a training dataset.

  • test – Images you can use in a test dataset.

  • extra_images – Images you can use to run a trial detection or to try out your trained model with the DetectAnomalies operation.

The train and test folders each have a subfolder named normal (contains images that are normal) and a subfolder named anomaly (contains images with anomalies).


Later, when you create a dataset with the console, Amazon Lookout for Vision can use the folder names (normal and anomaly) to automatically label the images. For more information, see Creating a dataset using images stored in an Amazon S3 bucket.

To prepare the dataset images

  1. Clone the repository to your computer. For more information, see Cloning a repository.

  2. Create an Amazon S3 bucket. For more information, see How do I create an S3 Bucket?.

  3. At the command prompt, enter the following command to copy the dataset images from your computer to your Amazon S3 bucket.

    aws s3 cp --recursive your-repository-folder/circuitboard s3://your-bucket/circuitboard

For more information, see Getting Started with the Amazon Lookout for Vision console and Getting started with the AWS SDK.