C++ API Reference (Version 1.10)

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 Component.hHeader file for the Component base class
 ComponentApplication.hHeader file for the class that represents a component-based Lumberyard application
 ComponentApplicationBus.hHeader file that defines event buses for the component application interface
 ComponentBus.hHeader file for the component bus class, which most AZ::Components use as the base class for their buses
 Entity.hHeader file for the Entity class
 EntityBus.hHeader file for buses that dispatch notification events concerning the AZ::Entity class
 EntityId.hHeader file for the entity ID type
 TickBus.hHeader file for buses that dispatch tick notification events and receive tick-related requests
 TransformBus.hHeader file for buses that dispatch and receive events related to positioning, rotating, scaling, and parenting an entity
 BusImpl.hHeader file for internal EBus classes
 EBus.hHeader file for event bus (EBus), a general-purpose communication system that Lumberyard uses to dispatch notifications and receive requests
 Policies.hHeader file for EBus policies regarding addresses, handlers, connections, and storage
 Results.hHeader file for structures that aggregate results returned by all handlers of an EBus event
 BehaviorContext.hHeader file for the behavior context, which contains information about classes, methods, properties, enums, constants, and EBuses to enable Lumberyard to interact with objects during run time
 ReflectContext.hHeader file for the reflection context and attribute base classes, which enable types to provide information about their contents
 RTTI.hHeader file for AZ RTTI, which is a lightweight, user-defined run-time type information (RTTI) system with which you can determine the type of an object during run time
 TypeInfo.hHeader file for AzTypeInfo, which uniquely describes a type so that it can be identified across Lumberyard modules and serialized into different contexts
 EditContext.hHeader file for the edit context, which you use to make class data editable in the Lumberyard editor
 EditContextConstants.inlDefines constants that you can use when you reflect class and data attributes to Lumberyard's global edit context
 SerializeContext.hHeader file for the serialize context, which manages information about every class that needs to be saved to persistent storage and reconstructed in memory
 EntityContextBus.hHeader file for buses that dispatch and receive events from an entity context
 GameEntityContextBus.hHeader file for buses that dispatch and receive events from the game entity context
 EditorComponentBase.hHeader file for the editor component base class