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AZ::ComponentDescriptorBusTraits Struct Reference

Describes the properties of the component descriptor event bus. More...

Inherits AZ::EBusTraits.

Public Types

typedef  BusIdType
using MutexType
- Public Types inherited from AZ::EBusTraits
using AllocatorType
 Allocator used by the EBus. More...
using BusIdType
 The type of ID that is used to address the EBus. More...
using BusIdOrderCompare
 Sorting function for EBus address IDs. More...
using BusHandlerOrderCompare
 Sorting function for EBus event handlers. More...
using MutexType
 Locking primitive that is used when connecting handlers to the EBus or executing events. More...
using EventQueueMutexType
 Locking primitive that is used when adding and removing events from the queue. More...
using ConnectionPolicy
 Enables custom logic to run when a handler connects or disconnects from the EBus. More...
using StoragePolicy
 Specifies where EBus data is stored. More...
using RouterPolicy
 Controls the flow of EBus events. More...

Static Public Attributes

static const AZ::EBusAddressPolicy AddressPolicy
static const AZ::EBusHandlerPolicy HandlerPolicy
- Static Public Attributes inherited from AZ::EBusTraits
static const EBusHandlerPolicy HandlerPolicy
 Defines how many handlers can connect to an address on the EBus and the order in which handlers at each address receive events. More...
static const EBusAddressPolicy AddressPolicy
 Defines how many addresses exist on the EBus. More...
static const bool EnableEventQueue
 Specifies whether the EBus supports an event queue. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from AZ::EBusTraits
 ~EBusTraits ()=default
 A destructor. More...

Detailed Description

Describes the properties of the component descriptor event bus.

This bus uses AzTypeInfo::Uuid as the ID for the specific descriptor. Lumberyard allows only one descriptor for each component type. When you call functions on the bus for a specific component type, you can safely pass only one result variable because aggregating or overwriting results is impossible.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ BusIdType

◆ MutexType

using AZ::ComponentDescriptorBusTraits::MutexType = AZStd::recursive_mutex

Member Data Documentation

◆ AddressPolicy

const AZ::EBusAddressPolicy AZ::ComponentDescriptorBusTraits::AddressPolicy

◆ HandlerPolicy

const AZ::EBusHandlerPolicy AZ::ComponentDescriptorBusTraits::HandlerPolicy

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