Developer Guide (Version 1.12)

Script Canvas Programmer's Guide

You can use Script Canvas to expose run-time code in a visual authoring environment. This guide covers writing code that you want to expose to Script Canvas for scripting. For general information about Script Canvas and the Script Canvas editor, see Script Canvas in the Amazon Lumberyard User Guide. As a background to this guide, it is recommended that you also read the Programmer's Guide to Entities and Components and Behavior Context.

Script Canvas Code Architecture

The following conceptual diagram shows how the Script Canvas code is organized.

                Script Canvas code architecture

The core Script Canvas code is built as a static library that is linked into the dependent gem and editor gem. This allows the code footprint at run time to be as small as the minimum required to run a Script Canvas graph. It also allows the Script Canvas Editor Gem to contain all the code required to author and develop Script Canvas graphs.