Getting Started Guide (Version 1.20)

Organizing Your AI Entities

Keeping your entities organized helps you to manage your assets as you build the rest of the level.

In this tutorial you create a parent entity and then place all the AI entities into it.

To organize your AI entities

  1. Right-click in the viewport and choose Create entity. This new entity will be the parent entity for your AI entities.

    Name the new entity Ai.

  2. In the Entity Outliner, drag the AiSpawnpoint, AiTrigger, and Waypoint entities onto the new Ai entity.

  3. Press Ctrl+S to save your level.

  4. Press Ctrl+G to play your level.

    Press Esc to quit.

This completes the AI tutorial set. In the next set of tutorials, you add simple scripts to craft gameplay.

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