Getting Started Guide (Version 1.20)

Adding Patrol Waypoints

A spawned AI character needs a defined path to walk along as it patrols the maze. To define the path, you place waypoints.

To add AI waypoints

  1. In the viewport, in the center of the maze near the spawn point entity that you created earlier, right-click and choose Create Entity.

  2. In the Entity Inspector, name the entity Waypoint01.

  3. A short distance down the walkway from where you created your first waypoint, create another entity. Name it Waypoint02.

  4. Create a third waypoint a short distance down a path perpendicular to the first two waypoints, so that the path between the three points forms an L shape. Name the waypoint Waypoint03.

  5. In the Entity Outliner, select the AiSpawnpoint01 entity you created earlier.

  6. In the Entity Inspector, click Add Component. Under AI, click Waypoints.

  7. In the Waypoints properties, the Sentry? and Lazy Sentry? check boxes should be unselected. This allows the AI to patrol between waypoints.

    The Sentry? property, when selected, causes the AI to stand in a fixed position, periodically turning to face different directions.

    The Lazy Sentry? property, when selected, causes the AI to look only in the direction it faced when it was spawned.

  8. In the Waypoints properties, add four Waypoints elements by clicking + four times.

  9. Use the pick icon to select a waypoint for each of your waypoint elements.

    To do this, click the pick icon and then select the waypoint element in the viewport.

    Select the waypoints for the elements in the following order: Waypoint01, Waypoint02, Waypoint03, Waypoint02.

    This sequence causes the AI to walk from Waypoint01 to Waypoint02 to Waypoint03, and then back to Waypoint02. In the next sequence, it begins at Waypoint01.


    Not setting waypoints causes the enemy to operate in sentry mode. This means that he stands at his spawn point and turn occasionally.

    When an AI spawns, it faces the in X direction (as opposed to the Y or Z direction).

  10. Press Ctrl+S to save your level.

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