Getting Started Guide (Version 1.18)

Adding a Second AI Character

With the same procedures you used to place the first AI character, you can place a second enemy AI that takes a slightly different path as it patrols the maze.

To add a second AI character

  1. In the Entity Outliner, select and right-click AiSpawnpoint01. Choose Duplicate. Name the duplicated spawn point Spawnpoint02.

  2. In the viewport, move the new spawn point to a location near the L shape of your waypoints, as shown in the following image.

  3. Create three new entities to use as waypoints. Name them Waypoint04, Waypoint05, and Waypoint06.

  4. In the Entity Outliner, select Spawnpoint02.

    In the Entity Inspector, in the Waypoints component, clear all the existing waypoints by clicking the square icon next to the Waypoints setting.

  5. Next to Waypoints, click the + icon. Add the following waypoints in this sequence:

    • Waypoint04

    • Waypoint05

    • Waypoint06

    • Waypoint05

  6. Press Ctrl+S to save your level.

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