Getting Started Guide (Version 1.20)

Adding Decals to the Maze

Decals are special texture planes that you can layer on top of mesh assets to give them detail. You use the decals to add a door number decal above the maze's entry door.

  1. Open the Asset Browser and navigate to StarterGame/Materials/Decals. Select decal_airship_tail_02.mtl.

  2. Drag decal_airship_tail_02.mtl into the Perspective Viewport just in front of the maze's entry door.

    A 6 appears on the ground, and your entity component automatically has a decal component assigned.

  3. In the Entity Inspector, rename the decal entity door_num_decal.

  4. In the Decal component's properties, under Decal Settings, change the Projection type to On Terrain and Static Objects.

    You can use this setting to adjust the projection display settings of the decal based on its position.

    Move the door_num_decal up and down with the Move tool to see it fade in and out of the terrain based on distance.

  5. Next you map the decal to the space above the entry door using the Align to Surface tool. This tool is faster and more precise than the Move tool for this purpose.

    In the Entity Inspector, unlock the DoorWay_Parent group if it is currently locked.

  6. With door_num_decal still selected, click the Align to Surface Tool ( ) on the main toolbar.

  7. By default the Align to Surface Tool aligns to the terrain only. To align instead to the scene's geometry, hold down Ctrl and then click the surface above the door in the DoorWay_Parent entity. The decal snaps to that surface.

    You can now move and rotate your decal along that surface. Position it where you like.

    You can also adjust the transparency of the decal. To do this, you can modify the Decal component's Opacity setting. Or you can move it away from the surface it's aligned to.

  8. Use the Scale tool to adjust the size of the decal.

  9. Press Ctrl+S to save your level.

You can find more decals, such as scorch and corrosion decals, in the Asset Browser in Game/Materials/Decals. Experiment with placing these decals in your maze to give it a damaged and distressed look. To see an example of how you can use these decals, revisit Opening the Orientation Level.

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