Getting Started Guide (Version 1.20)

Importing a Megaterrain Texture

In this tutorial, you import a megaterrain texture. A megaterrain texture is a diffuse texture that covers the entire terrain. This texture is visible from a distance and presents sweeping vistas. As the camera moves closer to the terrain, the megaterrain texture is replaced by more detailed terrain textures.


A missing FTUE_MegaTexture_02.bmp file is available to download here. Right-click and save the mega terrain texture file to the /dev/StarterGame/Textures/Terrain directory.

To import a megaterrain texture

  1. If Terrain Editor is not open, open it by choosing Tools, Terrain Editor.

  2. Choose Tools, Export/Import Megaterrain Texture.

  3. Beneath Select Tiles, click the heightmap image. The box turns gray.

    Click Import.


    Only one tile exists. This is a result of setting the initial tesselation, or Meters per Texel setting, to 1 when you created the level.

  4. Navigate to \dev\StarterGame\Textures\Terrain and select FTUE_MegaTexture_02.bmp. Click Open.


    If you cannot locate this file, see the introduction to this procedure.

    Lumberyard takes a few moments to generate the texture on the terrain.

  5. Click Close in the Export/Import Megaterrain window.

    Close the Terrain Editor.

    Observe that your terrain now has shades of green and brown to represent grass and soil, as well as shadows to give the landscape realism.

  6. Press Ctrl+S to save your level.

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