Getting Started Guide (Version 1.20)

Creating a Light Source

Currently, the lamps in the level don't cast any light. To fix this, you create a light source for the lamps in the maze.

  1. In the Perspective Viewport, navigate near any lamp post in your level. Right-click and choose Create entity.

  2. In the Entity Inspector, name the new entity lamplight.

  3. Still in the Entity Inspector, click Add Component. Under Rendering, click Projector Light.

    You will notice that components also exist for an area light and a point light, but for this tutorial you use a projection light.

  4. In the Perspective Viewport, use the Rotate tool to rotate the lamp light entity so it points down Y: 90.00 degrees.

  5. Use the Move tool to position the lamp light entity under one of the lamp posts.

  6. In the Entity Inspector, use the following settings for the Projector Light properties:

    • Color: R:162, G:198, B:255

    • Diffuse Multiplier: 15

    • Specular Multiplier: 3

    • Max Distance: 20

    • Attenuation bulb size: 0.5

    • FOV: 80

    Experiment with these settings to find a brightness, color, and size that you like. Your lamp post should look similar to the image below.

  7. Now that the light is positioned and set under the lamp, you can move the light entity into the Lamp slice and then save this change to the slice.

    In the Entity Outliner, drag the lamplight entity into the Lamp parent slice that you have been working near.

  8. Now that the lamplight is in one of the lamp entities, under the LampParent group, right-click the lamp entity and choose Save slice overrides, maze_lamp.slice. This saves your changes to the source slice.

  9. All the lamp posts in your scene should now be casting light.

  10. Press Ctrl+S to save your level.

  11. Press Ctrl+G to play your level. When you are ready to exit, press Esc.

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