Getting Started Guide (Version 1.19)

7: Applying Physics to Stacked Crates


This topic uses features from the legacy physics system. To use the new PhysX system, see Simulating Physics Behavior with the PhysX System in the Amazon Lumberyard User Guide.

Lumberyard features two types of physics components: Static Physics and Rigid Body Physics. Earlier, you applied the Static Physics component to several stationary (immovable) objects. The Rigid Body Physics component is used for objects that can move.

You place crates and barrels in your level and then apply and configure the Rigid Body Physics component. With this component, you can customize the density of the crates and barrels. This affects how much they move and roll when struck by the player or weapon fire.

You then duplicate the crates and barrels and stack them up to build a wall to block the passageway in an area of your maze.

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