Placing the Player Character - Lumberyard Getting Started Guide

Placing the Player Character

In this tutorial, you place a player character so that you can move around and explore the level from a player's perspective. To do this, you drag the character controller slice from the Asset Browser into your viewport. Slices are described in a later tutorial.

The character controller is Jack the robot, which you played in the previous tutorial in the orientation level. You also place the camera manager slice, which improves player input controls from the keyboard. The camera manager slice also helps to manage the switching of additional cameras, which you place later in this tutorial series.

To place the character controller and camera manager

  1. The Asset Browser automatically opens in Lumberyard's default layout, in the lower left corner. If you don't see it, choose Tools, Asset Browser to open it.

  2. In the Asset Browser, navigate to StarterGame/slices.

  3. Drag playerslice_efx.slice into the viewport.

    This places the robot character into your level, which you can control.

    Zoom in to view the character in detail.

  4. Because the character controller is composed of a number of entities, all the helper icons are visible. To hide these, click the hide helpers toggle in the top right of the viewport.

    You can now see the character's details clearly.

  5. To place the camera manager, drag camera_manager.slice from the same directory into your viewport.

    The camera manager is not required to be situated in any particular place in your level. However, for organizational purposes, you can place it near the player slice for future reference.

  6. Specify the camera in the CameraManager Lua Script. To accomplish this, do the following:

    1. In the Entity Outliner, expand the PlayerSlice entity. This exposes its child entities.

    2. In the Entity Outliner, select the CameraManager entity.

    3. In the Entity Inspector, in the Lua Script - CameraManager component, next to InitialCamera, click the target symbol.

    4. In the Entity Outliner, in the PlayerSlice child entities, click Camera.

      This places the Camera entity in the InitialCamera slot for the Lua Script - CameraManager.

  7. Press Ctrl+S to save your level.

  8. Click Ctrl+G to play the game and explore the terrain. You can control the character using W, A, S, D keyboard controls, and click to shoot. You can also use a PC game controller if preferred.

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