Using the Asset Browser to Create an Entity - Lumberyard Getting Started Guide

Using the Asset Browser to Create an Entity

You can also use Lumberyard's Asset Browser to create an entity in your level.

The Asset Browser appears by default in Lumberyard's bottom left corner and displays a tree view of the files in your project directory. You can drag an asset file directly from the asset browser into your viewport. When you do, Lumberyard automatically adds the Mesh component and sets the Mesh asset as the file you dragged.

This method is slightly faster than adding a mesh component and then specifying the mesh asset. You must still add the collider and static physics components.

To add a post entity using the Asset Browser

  1. The Asset Browser is open in Lumberyard's default layout and is located in the lower left corner. If it is not open, choose Tools, Asset Browser.

    In the Asset Browser, navigate to StarterGame/Objects/GSG.

    Select GSG_Maze_Doorway_Post.fbx, and then drag it into your viewport.

  2. Use the positioning tools to move the post so that it is next to the gate as shown in the following image.


    Snap to Grid is on by default. This makes objects snap to points on a grid. To more precisely place objects, turn off Snap to Grid.

  3. Ensure that the post entity is selected in the Entity Outliner.

    In the Entity Inspector, for Name, enter Entry Tower. This renames your entity.

  4. Add the mesh collider and static physics components, as you learned in a previous procedure.

    In the next tutorial, you learn how to duplicate an entity.

  5. Press Ctrl+S to save your level.

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