Getting Started Guide (Version 1.21)

Placing the Door Entity

Earlier in this series of tutorials you placed a frame and posts, leaving an open doorway. Now it's time to place a door in that doorway.

To place a door

  1. First, you create an empty entity to organize all your entry door entities. To do this, right-click in your viewport just outside one of your maze doors (but not inside of it).

    Name the entity EntryDoor_Parent.

  2. To add the door: In the Asset Browser, navigate to Objects\GSG\ and drag GSG_Maze_Door.fbx into the viewport.

  3. Use the Move tool to align the door in the open doorway so that it looks like the door is closed.

  4. To keep your entities organized, drag gsg_maze_door onto EntryDoor_Parent.

    EntryDoor_Parent now has gsg_maze_door as a child.

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