Getting Started Guide (Version 1.20)

Modifying Conditions to Open Exit Door

To exit the maze, you'll set up a different trigger condition to open the exit door. Unlike with the entry door, the door should not open when the player approaches it. The door should open only after the player has collected the hidden pickup item.

In this tutorial, you'll remove the trigger volume that opens the door when the player approaches. You'll also prepare your exit door to open only after the player has collected a hidden pickup within the maze. You'll configure your pickup item and link it to this door in Adding a Pickup Item.

To modify the exit door

  1. In the Entity Outliner, expand the ExitDoor_Parent group.

    Select the EntryDoor_Trigger entity and, in the Entity Inspector, rename it to ExitDoor_Script.

  2. In the Entity Outliner, select ExitDoor_Script.

    Delete the following components. To do this, right-click the component header and click Remove component.

    • Trigger Area

    • Box Shape

    • Lua Script (the one with the Script set as TriggerEvent)

  3. Because you copied the entry door, all the script names in the Entity Inspector refer to the entry door. You edit the script names to refer to the exit door.

    In the Entity Inspector, change all the EventName settings to reflect "exit" door rather than "entry" door. Your finished modifications should look similar to the following image.

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