Getting Started Guide (Version 1.21)

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Adding a Timer

To add more challenge to the game experience, you'll add a timer that starts when the player enters the maze and stops upon exit. To do this, you'll set up a Lua script with supporting entity components that trigger when the player enters the maze and stops upon exiting. Timing how long it takes to complete a particular task is an element of gameplay that adds tension and excitement.

To set up your timer, you do the following:

  • Create a parent entity (TimerParent) and add a child entity (TimerStart).

  • To TimerStart, add and configure the following components:

    • Box Shape

    • Trigger Area

    • UI Canvas Asset Ref

  • To TimerStart, add and configure three Lua Script components.

  • Adjust the position of the TimerStart entity so that it starts when the player crosses the maze threshold.

You complete a similar set of steps to set up the stop trigger, which stops the timer when your player exits the maze.

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