Getting Started Guide (Version 1.20)

11: Setting Up the UI

In this tutorial, you'll set up your game's UI. To do this, you'll use a prebuilt slice to set up a title screen and a "mission complete" screen.

To set up the game UI

  1. In the Asset Browser, navigate to StarterGame\Slices\GSG.

    Drag maze_ui.slice into the viewport.

  2. Align the slice for this level's purposes. To do this, make sure either the maze_wall_exterior or maze_wall_interior parent entity is visible.

    In the viewport or the Entity Outliner, select UI_Maze_Slice.

    Click the Align to Object icon , and then click either maze_wall_exterior or maze_wall_interior.

  3. Set the CameraManager's starting camera to the UI slice's camera. To do this:

    • A – In the Entity Outliner, select CameraManager.

    • B – In Entity Inspector, under Lua Script - CameraManager, next to the InitialCamera box, click the picker icon .

    • C – In Entity Outliner, under UI_Maze_Slice, choose MazeCameraStartScreen (C).

    • D – In Entity Inspector, under Lua Script - CameraManager, in the InitialCameraTag box, enter MazeCameraStartScreen (D).

    To see the title screen and test your camera, press Ctrl+G to play the game.

    Press Esc to quit.

  4. Move the title screen camera to a position that you like for the start of the game. To do this, in the Entity Outliner, expand the UI_Maze_Slice parent entity.

    Select the MazeCameraStartScreen entity.

    In the upper left of the viewport, right-click the Perspective title bar. Choose Camera, MazeCameraStartScreen.

    Notice that your view changes when you click this option. That's because you are now viewing the level through this particular entity.

    Using viewport navigation tools, position the camera with the view that you want the player to see when starting the game.

  5. When you have the view that you want, switch back to the default camera. To do this, right-click the viewport (Perspective) title bar and choose Camera, Default Camera.

  6. Press Ctrl+S to save your level.

  7. Press Ctrl+G to play your level. Notice that the start screen camera view starts where you positioned it, and then switches to the third person player camera when you press a key to start.

    Press Esc to quit.

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