Identifying the Basic Tools - Lumberyard Getting Started Guide

Identifying the Basic Tools

Lumberyard's interface is easy to use and is set up to match a common workflow. Become familiar with the interface names marked in the following image, as these are Lumberyard's basic tools.

As you proceed through the tutorial series, you'll use most of these tools and become familiar with them.

The next few sections describe these tools in greater detail and provide links to the Amazon Lumberyard User Guide for more details and advanced usage.

Interface Names

  1. Main menu – Access all tools, editors, and commands.

  2. Top toolbar – Open the most commonly used tools, editors, and commands.

  3. Entity Outliner – View all the entities and slices in your level and perform actions on them.

  4. Asset Browser – Drag assets that are available in your project into your level.

  5. Perspective:

    5a. Viewport – View and navigate in your 3D game environment.

    5b. Header – Find objects quickly and adjust display options.

    5c. Bottom toolbar – Change the navigation speed and view the position of your selected object.

  6. Entity Inspector – View, add, remove, and modify components on the currently selected entity.

  7. Console – View a running list of all editor commands, processes, and output.

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