Getting Started Guide (Version 1.20)

Snapping to Angle

The Snap Angle feature is on by default. With this feature on, you can rotate an object by incremental degrees. You can make the snap angles smaller or larger depending on your needs. The smaller your snap angle, the finer control you have when rotating your objects. The following image demonstrates Snap Angle both on and off.

Snap Angle (on by default) sets the incremental degrees of rotation that an object snaps to when you rotate it. To turn Snap Angle off or on, click the icon. To customize the Snap Angle degrees of rotation, click the down arrow to the right of the icon. Adjust this value to increase or decrease the degree of rotation with each snap.

To turn on Snap Angle and adjust the grid size

  1. If your boulder is not still selected from the previous tutorial, select it.

  2. Select the Move tool.

  3. In your editor toolbar, find the Snap Angle icon. If it has an orange border around it, it is on. If it is off, click to turn it on.

    In the following image, Snap Angle is on.

  4. Click the small arrow on the icon. Choose 45.

  5. Rotate the boulder in your viewport. Notice how it seems to rotate in increments rather than smoothly.

  6. Turn off Snap Angle and rotate your boulder again. Notice how it now rotates smoothly for refined placement.

Next, you learn how to scale your boulder to make it smaller or larger.

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