Getting Started Guide (Version 1.20)

Rotating an Object

You can rotate the currently selected object in your viewport. When you rotate an object with the Rotate tool, you can rotate around the X, Y, or Z axis. Think of the rotational axes as a pole around which the object spins or rotates. For example, rotating around the Z axis would be like a car driving in circles around a pole in the ground. A large outer circle also surrounds the entire gizmo. Select and drag this circle to rotate the object in relation to the screen display.

You can distinguish which circles belong to which axis by their color marking (red circle = red X axis, green circle = green Y axis).

To rotate a selected object

  1. If your boulder is not still selected from the previous tutorial, select it.

  2. Press 3 on your keyboard to activate the Rotate tool. Or you can click the Rotate icon on the top toolbar.

    When your boulder is selected with the Rotate tool, it looks like the following image.

  3. Move your mouse pointer over the gizmo until the Z axis is selected. Click to select and then drag left and right. Your boulder spins like a top.

    Experiment with rotating along the other axes.

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