Getting Started Guide (Version 1.20)

Scaling an Object

To scale an object means to make it larger or smaller.

By default, the proportions of your object are locked. This means that whichever axis you choose to scale, your object grows or shrinks on all axes at the same time. When you scale it up, it simply looks like a bigger version of itself. When you scale it down, it looks like a smaller version of itself.

You can, however, make an object taller without affecting its width, or wider without affecting its height. To do this, click the Lock Scale toggle at the bottom of the perspective viewport. This unlocks the proportions so that you can scale just one axis.

To scale a selected object

  1. If your boulder is not still selected from the previous tutorial, select it.

  2. Press 4 on your keyboard to activate the Scale tool. Or you can click the Scale icon on the editor toolbar.

  3. Move your cursor over the gizmo until it is highlighted. Drag up or down to make the boulder larger or smaller.

  4. To scale your boulder along one axis only, such as making it taller without making it wider:

    1. At the bottom of the viewport, in the toolbar, click the Lock Scale toggle.

      This unlocks the proportions so that you can adjust one axis without affecting the others.

      If Lock Scale has an orange border, that means it is on. If it is on, click it once to turn it off.

    2. Move your pointer over the scale gizmo until the Z axis is highlighted. Drag up to make the boulder taller.

      Experiment with the X and the Y axes as well.

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