Selecting an Object - Lumberyard Getting Started Guide

Selecting an Object

You can select any object in your viewport that is not currently locked or hidden.

To select the boulder object

  1. If your boulder is currently selected from the previous tutorial, click elsewhere in your viewport to unselect it.

  2. Press 1 on your keyboard to activate the Select tool. Or you can click the Select icon on the top toolbar.

  3. In the viewport, move your pointer over the boulder object.

    The boulder object becomes highlighted and the cursor changes to a + sign. Click to select it.


    If you do not see a highlight on your boulder when you move your mouse pointer over it, you might have helpers turned off. To turn helpers on, click in the upper right corner of the viewport.

When your object is selected and the Select tool is active, a gizmo appears on your object. The gizmo for Select is a set of three lines—one for each of the three axes (X, Y, Z).

Next, you learn how to move your object.

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